Saturday, March 31, 2012

The girl loves her pearls...

Pearls aren't just for Carrie - of SATC - Sarah Jessica Parker loves them, too!
Pearls, pearls, pearls! on Carrie...
And here is Sarah - in pearls, pearls, pearls!
Here - Carrie expertly pairs a long strand of pearls with a rhinestone collar - magnificent! 
And here - SJP - wears a 100-inch pearl necklace with her LBD - she looks so sleek and sexy!
LOVE this look - those shoes, that jacket, her hair - and there's those pearls, again!
Here's our girl, wearing a triple strand nugget pearl necklace - love the chocolate color paired with her washed-out pink gown! 
This unique necklace reminded me of our one of a kind necklaces - designed with pearls and refashioned vintage pieces. SJP's looks like a lot like the rhinestone collar she wore in SATC - but with turquoise accents and pearls attached so that they dangle, flatteringly. 
Ms. Parker - in France - wears over-sized pearl post earrings - and oh my - does she look good?!!!
Thank you, Sarah - for loving your pearls as much as we do!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion favorites of CocoVee

If you haven't noticed, March is Spring Fashion month, and here at CocoVee, we are paying close attention to this season's new hues and refreshing takes on back-to-classics outfit design.

While pastel pink is still a core Spring color, switch it up this year, and wear bold shades of pink, like this! 
Ms. Rosario Dawson (on the right) and Xiao Lu Li, at the Elie Saab Spring Fashion show, exhibited the shades of Spring 2012 - this earthy green and somewhat washed out sky blue are two of the most popular colors popping up on runways and clothing racks all over the world!
Love this look, modeled on the streets of Paris during Spring Fashion Week - here is that earthy shade of green - in the palm tree leaf pattern on her white dress - with a navy velvet blazer and matching heels - this look is a Spring A+!
Ms. Bobbi Brown - style icon and queen of make-up - looks both classic and modern in this black and white outfit - though if you look closely - her suit is really navy! Master move: she splashed her outfit with a bold shade of pink from her pearl necklace... and did you see those stilettos?!

This is a youthful take on Bobbi Brown's outfit - black skinny jeans, white blazer, and a shimmery navy ("night out") top. For once, we can carry our shimmery looks from the holiday season into Spring - thank you global trendsetters - but what struck me when I saw this outfit - was those thin strapped pumps - classy meets sexy!
Ms. Isabelle Huppert still looks good - her seemingly effortless outfit showcases the mid-length gray blazer and highlights her delicate teardrop pearl earrings. Here, she proves that true style holds no season - but is timeless.
This is by far my favorite outfit seen at Paris' Spring Fashion Week - you don't need bright colors to turn heads - neutral tones - like black-and-white, gray, and tan - are not just for Fall or Winter - but can be worn all year long. This model wears a lightweight, patterned top with a pencil skirt, nude stilettos, and aviator sunglasses, which both modernize and add a hint of youthful playfulness to the whole look.
  So there's Spring 2012 Fashion at summary: bold hues of pink, earthy green, bold shades of blue, and neutrally-toned outfits with splashes of color, youth, and modern accessories! 
Spring looks beautiful this year!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pearls on the Red Carpet

Every woman loves pearls... here are some very beautiful and famous ladies loving their pearl necklaces - 
on the red carpet!

Ms. Katherine proves that a dramatic necklace will not wear you - at CocoVee, we would call this a "fashion pearl" necklace, with a whopping six-strands - three made up of free-form pearls and two made up of classically rounded pearls in white and cream tones, while the sixth strand incorporates smooth stone beads and an interwoven sheer ribbon that matches her gown - perfection!
Rihanna has her own unique style - she took the traditional pearl necklace look to a whole new level - and she did it quite gracefully! This a two-dozen-plus-strand pearl necklace with different types of pearls - all similarly toned - and all real - I'm sure of it!
Ms. Hilary Swank looks beautiful in this evening look - her triple-strand pearl necklace incorporates green tones that match her gown with complimentary white and gold colored pearls. The seemingly invisible wire that the pearls are strung on create an effect that we at CocoVee would call the "floating pearl" look.
Oh Buffy! - I mean Ms. Sarah Michelle Gellar - looks grand here! She is wearing a very modern (and hip!) pearl necklace that is made up of a silk ribbon that has pearls individually attached in pairs. What makes this necklace unique is the way in which the ribbon looks jumbled, twisted, and knotted, lending to the illusion of the second strand. She did a fabulous job with the pairing of the dress and shoes - the whole look is breath-taking!
Ashley Judd is a master of effortless style. She kept her look here low-key - but she still catches your eye. At CocoVee, we would call this choker, the "Teeny Tiny" pearl necklace. I have one - and what I love about this necklace is that it can be worn with a t-shirt to dress up a casual outfit and is also perfect for formal looks (as Ms.Judd has paired her necklace with a delicate lingerie-inspired dress). 
Here's Sandra Bullock with a very "in" pearl necklace that pairs classic pearls with modern metal accents. This necklace isn't supposed to lay neatly across your neckline and is meant to look twisted and jumbled. It's a dramatic piece that Sandra paired with a simple black dress - effortless style!
Thank you ladies - for rocking your hip pearl necklaces on the red carpet! We love it!