Thursday, November 15, 2012

our Pink Boutique

CocoVee has always carried Pink pieces to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness, which is a cause that we take to heart, not just in October, but everyday. 

We believe that it is important for us all to remember loved ones that we may have lost, as well as to provide support to patients and survivors through kindness and understanding. 

To celebrate and remember these remarkable women everywhere, we will now have a Pink Boutique in our shop, set up all year long. 

In October, CocoVee participated in Polyvore's "Why do you wear Pink?" design contest. Our answer: because - I am Strong - and that's how we feel when we wear Pink.
This is a day-to-night Pink look - a quick change after work and you're ready to go out!

We now carry our own unique designs - incorporating Pink pearls and crystals - with various Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons adorned on many of the pieces. Of course, a portion of all CocoVee Pink sales is donated to the charity of our choice, to help fund research for prevention, treatments, and cures.  

Why do you wear Pink? Whatever the reason may be, remember - everyday - that you are Strong!  

( Also remember to do this every month... )