Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Summer Fashion Fun

It's July - August is approaching and it looks like a hot end to Summer 2012 - I have found it difficult to feel glamorous in this weather - it's either sticky hot out or pouring rain - sometimes both! - and it can be difficult for me to choose on a look for the day. 

Alexis Bazan looks HOT !!!
I have come up with two vogue ways to entertain myself and infuse freshness into my wardrobe this summer - so that I look like I'm ready for fun - instead of just hot and bothered!

#1 Wear loads of jewelry - and much less clothing!

You can wear a tank and shorts - and still look dressy and chic by piling on necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

 Note: This is THE time of year for statement pieces - like bib necklaces and chunky cuffs - go for it!

See what I mean: statement made, girl!
#2 Prepare for rain: play with fashion inspired by yellow rain boots and over sized raincoats = 
stay dry AND cute!

Super cute raincoat by Terra Raincoats - makes me want to bring on the rain!

Raining on the runway - oh my!    
Doesn't Princess Kate look like she's having FUN ???