Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 Ways to Wear Pearls

Pearls: Stylish, Timeless, Versatile...

Catherine Heigl

Sarah Jessica Parker

# 3 - SPORTY
Miranda Kerr

Kate Middleton



# 7 - SEXY
Kate Moss

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Celebrate Your Inner Coco

Glad you don't have to put on a corset in addition to your bra and panties every morning?

Ever wonder what you would wear without your dependable LBD?

Care to know why every woman resorts to wear pearls - to her graduation, her wedding - and well for every important occasion? 

from Chanel's fine jewelry collection, 2012

On August 19th, be sure to take a moment to remember the woman that gave us the little black dress - that is, Coco Chanel. This month she would turn 129 - but her fashion legacy continues to thrive, over 100 years later. 

Born in France and raised in orphanages where she learned to sew, Chanel was a cabaret singer as a young adult. The nickname - "Coco" - came from her cabaret following, out of the French word - "cocette" - meaning "kept woman." 

Chanel in her later years - as stylish as ever.  

At the age of 27, Chanel opened her first shop, selling hats. Chanel disliked the clothing trends of the times - which was composed of restrictive, body image-altering clothing, like corsets, and enjoyed the look of menswear. 

On a cold day in France, Chanel threw on her boyfriend's jersey jacket and re-fashioned it into a women's dress. The compliments that she received on this look led to requests for the same design - and ultimately launched her design career, which she referred to as "my fortune."  

The original "jersey dress" by Chanel. 
In 1925, she introduced her most famous looks, including her signature tweed collarless jackets, her multiple pearl necklace strands and gorgeous cuffs (worn on both arms). Perhaps her most famous contribution to women's fashion, the LBD (the Little Black Dress) - of which previously, black was thought to only be worn during times of mourning - but Chanel pioneered black as the hue for chic night wear.

Ms. Kiera Knightley in Chanel's "LBJ" - or Little Black Jacket.
Because Chanel refused to follow trends, her designs became both stylish and timeless. Because of her - your corset is more lingerie than underwear, your pearl necklace will rock any outfit, your LBD is the answer to any evening occasion, and your totally allowed to borrow - well anything - from your boyfriend's closet - just alter it a bit first, and you may pave the way to your own "fortune."

A pearl bracelet from the 2012 Chanel fine jewelry collection - modeled after her signature cuffs.