Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stacked: I Want Candy...

Why not pile-on delicious jewelry - on each wrist - for gorgeous Arm Candy?

There are 3 simple steps to perfect this look: 

Mix it up...

1) Gold and Silver - Don't be afraid to blend the "black and brown" of jewelry.

2) Chunky and Light -  Pair a thick bangle with delicate charm bracelet for contrast.

3) Classic and Trendy - Try blending the latest must-have look with a vintage favorite. 

The bracelets shown above show all 3 "rules" to creating the perfect set of Arm Candy - and range from $12 to $2,000. If you can afford it - then power to you - but if you can't - you need not be excluded from being IN Style.

 Tip: Don't forget your pearls, which have become the LBD (Little Black Dress) of your jewelry box, managing to be both hip and timeless all at once. Jackie O. knows...

These delicate Pyrite bracelets with a Sterling Silver charm that allows you to share something about who you are, without saying anything at all, are available at CocoVee - and combine all 3 steps: 1 (silver), 2 (delicate) and 3 (trendy).
Pyrite with Sterling Charms - $45 - CocoVee - 10 Stone Street - Cocoa, FL - 321-632-5444

These Coral and Jade Macrame Rose Bud bracelets will add a dose of femininity and a splash of color to your look - effortlessly - and are also available at CocoVee.

Rose Buds - $30 - CocoVee - 10 Stone Street - - Cocoa, FL - 321-632-5444

Now go and indulge yourself with armfuls of Candy - delicious and irresistible Arm Candy !!!