Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I saw Keaton with our necklace on!

I recently came across a photo of the lovely Diane Keaton wearing one of our very versatile "leather and pearl strands" that we carry at CocoVee...

Ms. Keaton chose to wear her black leather and pearl strand doubled up, wrapped around (like a choker) and then "fastened" like a lariat - what a look - what a lady !!!
The "leather and pearl strand" has been at CocoVee since our doors opened - and has become one of our regularly offered pieces. We love them so much because of their versatility - they can be worn as a necklace (many different ways), as a belt (or "waist-cincher"), and as a bracelet (wrapped around your wrist). 

This lovely CocoVee model wears our "leather and pearl strands" (lots of them!) wrapped around her waist - in front of the Cocoa Beach pier.
Best part of the CocoVee "leather and pearl strand"? They are made of real nugget pearls and real leather - that comes in a variety of colors to choose from, including cream, gray, chocolate, sky blue, and lime.

Pull out your favorite crisp, white button down shirt - pick up a "leather and pearl strand" from CocoVee - and steal Diane's look for only $12 dollars!  

Now that's a great look for under $100 !!!

for purchasing details, call our shop at 321.632.5444, or e-mail Ms. Roberta at

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