Thursday, November 15, 2012

our Pink Boutique

CocoVee has always carried Pink pieces to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness, which is a cause that we take to heart, not just in October, but everyday. 

We believe that it is important for us all to remember loved ones that we may have lost, as well as to provide support to patients and survivors through kindness and understanding. 

To celebrate and remember these remarkable women everywhere, we will now have a Pink Boutique in our shop, set up all year long. 

In October, CocoVee participated in Polyvore's "Why do you wear Pink?" design contest. Our answer: because - I am Strong - and that's how we feel when we wear Pink.
This is a day-to-night Pink look - a quick change after work and you're ready to go out!

We now carry our own unique designs - incorporating Pink pearls and crystals - with various Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons adorned on many of the pieces. Of course, a portion of all CocoVee Pink sales is donated to the charity of our choice, to help fund research for prevention, treatments, and cures.  

Why do you wear Pink? Whatever the reason may be, remember - everyday - that you are Strong!  

( Also remember to do this every month... )

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

what a cute way to...

outfit designed on Polyvore; by Unknown
paired with brown knee boots, black leggings, tan sweater, tan floral handbag, washed out red scarf, and over-sized brown sunglasses - all of which bring out the colors in the WRAP BRACELET; the perfect casual chic accessory for this summer to fall look. 

CocoVee on Polyvore designed this look designed around the WRAP BRACELET, which just happens to be our current "FEATURED FAVORITE" Design this month on
We dressed up the WRAP BRACELET by pairing it with a leather shoulder bag, tan stilettos, a chic sweater, and classic pearl posts; plus, say, "Hello," to the color of the season: Burgundy, with playful skinny jeans and matching eye color. 

What fun a WRAP BRACELET can bring to your look !!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

this looks just like...

This Macha Jewelry necklace of assorted pearls and "chains" in silver and gold is bold and breathtaking...

 And it looks a lot like "This Ol' Ball and Chain" by CocoVee, with white pearls and silver "chains."


Friday, September 14, 2012

We just can't wait for our Garden Party...

CocoVee is honored to be sponsoring the Garden Party on Saturday, September 22, from Noon to 2, at the Parrish Grove Inn, on 536 Delannoy Avenue, in Cocoa Village, Florida. 

To Benefit Devereux Florida; proceeds will help fund the new Wellness, Learning and Activity Center at the Devereux Campus in Viera. 

Devereux is a leading nonprofit behavioral health organization that supports many of the most under-served and vulnerable members of our communities, focusing on research-based prevention initiatives that help children and adolescents develop resilience and strong emotional and social health.

The Garden Party will include a Fashion Show from the Boutiques of Cocoa Village, Classic Afternoon Tea Fare by Melt Miami, exciting Door Prizes & celebrity-judged "Best Hat Contest." 

Tickets are $30; includes Food and Entertainment, plus one glass of champagne, a mimosa, or wine. 

Get your tickets, here. Be sure to bring your best girlfriends with you - the more, the merrier!

our Garden Party is in the News...

tea cups turned into bracelets...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Accessories Contest on Polyvore; Results a girl can count on

CocoVee was pleased to participate in our 1st contest on Polyvore, which involved our favorite season AND jewelry! Here's our entry:
 We focused our collection around the VALENTINO LACE AND CASHMERE SCARF, $1195 and its rich, wine-like colors; we also focused on gold, which is just everywhere right now - don't you just LOVE the DOLCE AND GABBANA ROSE CLIP EARRINGS and the LUCAS JACK GOLD HEART CUFF ?!!! The matching GRAY AND SUEDE boots and jacket are meant to be your all-winter-long staples; mix up SUEDE AND LEATHER for a TEXTURED LOOK - see the leather and suede belts? Both would look great, cinching the waist, with a slouchy, cozy winter sweater. Of course, our favorite piece is the very affordable 4 STRAND PEARL BRACELET WITH A BOW, that can be worn with every outfit, and it's only $19 !!!

There were 2, 360 entries and I would not like to have been the judge, because everyone's collections were so cute; could be because we can't get enough Fall Fashion. 

Loved 1st Place's choice of the GUCCI VANITY FLORAL PRINT SCARF, $420...

Scarves (as well as dark floral prints) are this season's wardrobe staple well as an ALEXANDER MCQUEEN GOLD-TONE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL 
BRACELET, $785 - so gorgeous!!!

Loved every part of "Autumn is coming" who scored 2nd Place; highlight - 

Autumn is Coming


Though we did not win the contest, our focus piece - the VALENTINO SCARF - was part of 3rd Place's collection!!! Instead of grays, browns, and golds, they paired the rich burgundy color with a yellow-lime-green bag and matching 3-tone pumps, of eggplant, watermelon pink, and the same yellow-lime-green color - so fabulous!!!

Fall Fashion 2012

Fall 2012's Fashion Forecast, by CocoVee

THE COLOR OF THE SEASON IS RED - think of dark and strong reds, like burgundy

THE PANTS ARE BACK: high-waist lines and tailored trousers are very in

EMBELLISHED TOPS: bejeweled, sequined and embroidered; shop these detailed looks


PATTERN PLAY: playful prints are everywhere - try pairing opposites for a super chic look

IN THE CLUTCH: handbags and "envelope" clutches are very in and very useful; get lots
STAY WARM IN STYLE: feminine trench coats and sharp blazers will keep you comfy and cute

WRAP IT UP: whether bold or simple, scarves are everywhere, and can be the cherry on top of any look

GOLDEN SEASON: gold is everywhere; set aside your silver this season and polish up your gold
These golden animal rings were designed for Fall 2012, by Nach
BOOTIES AND KNEE-HIGHS: there is no in between this year; pair with slim pants or long trenchcoats; the lovely Ms. Miranda Kerr models suede and leather knee-highs for us

For those who choose to live "In Style," Fall can be an exhilarating time to turnover your wardrobe, break out your Coat (as in the one you wear all winter long), and preview what's ahead of us in the wonderful world of fashion.

Ralph Lauren, Fall 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

7 Ways to Wear Pearls

Pearls: Stylish, Timeless, Versatile...

Catherine Heigl

Sarah Jessica Parker

# 3 - SPORTY
Miranda Kerr

Kate Middleton



# 7 - SEXY
Kate Moss

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Celebrate Your Inner Coco

Glad you don't have to put on a corset in addition to your bra and panties every morning?

Ever wonder what you would wear without your dependable LBD?

Care to know why every woman resorts to wear pearls - to her graduation, her wedding - and well for every important occasion? 

from Chanel's fine jewelry collection, 2012

On August 19th, be sure to take a moment to remember the woman that gave us the little black dress - that is, Coco Chanel. This month she would turn 129 - but her fashion legacy continues to thrive, over 100 years later. 

Born in France and raised in orphanages where she learned to sew, Chanel was a cabaret singer as a young adult. The nickname - "Coco" - came from her cabaret following, out of the French word - "cocette" - meaning "kept woman." 

Chanel in her later years - as stylish as ever.  

At the age of 27, Chanel opened her first shop, selling hats. Chanel disliked the clothing trends of the times - which was composed of restrictive, body image-altering clothing, like corsets, and enjoyed the look of menswear. 

On a cold day in France, Chanel threw on her boyfriend's jersey jacket and re-fashioned it into a women's dress. The compliments that she received on this look led to requests for the same design - and ultimately launched her design career, which she referred to as "my fortune."  

The original "jersey dress" by Chanel. 
In 1925, she introduced her most famous looks, including her signature tweed collarless jackets, her multiple pearl necklace strands and gorgeous cuffs (worn on both arms). Perhaps her most famous contribution to women's fashion, the LBD (the Little Black Dress) - of which previously, black was thought to only be worn during times of mourning - but Chanel pioneered black as the hue for chic night wear.

Ms. Kiera Knightley in Chanel's "LBJ" - or Little Black Jacket.
Because Chanel refused to follow trends, her designs became both stylish and timeless. Because of her - your corset is more lingerie than underwear, your pearl necklace will rock any outfit, your LBD is the answer to any evening occasion, and your totally allowed to borrow - well anything - from your boyfriend's closet - just alter it a bit first, and you may pave the way to your own "fortune."

A pearl bracelet from the 2012 Chanel fine jewelry collection - modeled after her signature cuffs.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Summer Fashion Fun

It's July - August is approaching and it looks like a hot end to Summer 2012 - I have found it difficult to feel glamorous in this weather - it's either sticky hot out or pouring rain - sometimes both! - and it can be difficult for me to choose on a look for the day. 

Alexis Bazan looks HOT !!!
I have come up with two vogue ways to entertain myself and infuse freshness into my wardrobe this summer - so that I look like I'm ready for fun - instead of just hot and bothered!

#1 Wear loads of jewelry - and much less clothing!

You can wear a tank and shorts - and still look dressy and chic by piling on necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

 Note: This is THE time of year for statement pieces - like bib necklaces and chunky cuffs - go for it!

See what I mean: statement made, girl!
#2 Prepare for rain: play with fashion inspired by yellow rain boots and over sized raincoats = 
stay dry AND cute!

Super cute raincoat by Terra Raincoats - makes me want to bring on the rain!

Raining on the runway - oh my!    
Doesn't Princess Kate look like she's having FUN ???