Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kaftan Chic

We're so Kaftan Chic at CocoVee...We like to wear our Kaftans as dresses with cute shoes - Flats, Gladiator Sandals, Wedge Heels, Ankle Boots, and Knee High Boots each create a different look with the kaftans - all of which are super cute!
These are our lovely models from the 2012 "Spring into Fashion" event - looking so fab!
Wild Child Nicole Ritchie gave her kaftan-inspired dress an evening look: Kaftan Chic! 
 We have always carried Kaftans at CocoVee - and they have always been popular. Ours come from India and are made from a silk and cotton blend, in a variety of patterns to choose from, both short and long in length.   

CocoVee's Chic Kaftans...
They can be worn as lounge wear around the house, spa, or vacation retreat. They also look great on you at the beach - blowing in the breeze - and make great bathing suit cover-ups for quick, on the go style. 

Here's one designer's take on the long kaftan "at the beach" look - and how stunning!
This is far away from the traditional kaftan look - but how original, modern, AND sexy is that?
These versatile little kaftans also "grow with you" - meaning that if you're sporting a baby bump or have put on a bit of weight - you'll still look fabulous in your Kaftan Chic gown!

Ms. Tori Spelling looking Kaftan Chic and rocking her baby bump!
Want to be Kaftan Chic, today? 
Visit our shop in Cocoa Village, Florida or call our boutique at 321-632-5444, 
and get the look!

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