Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Pearls of Gatsby

CocoVee is excited about the 2012 Christmas release of the Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann, who is responsible for Romeo and Juliet (with Leo and Claire) and Moulin Rouge (with Miss Kidman). The stills look great and Carey Mulligan is clad in pearls!
What a fabulous pearl bracelet !!!

Love this headpiece ordained with pearls !!!
LOVE this shot - a simple pearl earring can look so dramatic when worn well - and Leo looks good, too!
The Great Gatsby was written in 1925 (by F.Scott Fitzgerald) , in a time of prohibition and a booming economy - pearls were just in - and they still look just as good!
Here's the radiant Mia Farrow of the 1974 adaptation of the Great Gatsby - with a lovely pearl necklace on!
Baz Luhrman (or his costume designer of choice) must love the look of pearls on film - and why not?
This is the lovely Nicole Kidman in Baz's Moulin Rouge - beautiful in her pearls!!!
Can't wait to see the movie this year and more of Carey in her pearls!

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