Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Accessories Contest on Polyvore; Results a girl can count on

CocoVee was pleased to participate in our 1st contest on Polyvore, which involved our favorite season AND jewelry! Here's our entry:
 We focused our collection around the VALENTINO LACE AND CASHMERE SCARF, $1195 and its rich, wine-like colors; we also focused on gold, which is just everywhere right now - don't you just LOVE the DOLCE AND GABBANA ROSE CLIP EARRINGS and the LUCAS JACK GOLD HEART CUFF ?!!! The matching GRAY AND SUEDE boots and jacket are meant to be your all-winter-long staples; mix up SUEDE AND LEATHER for a TEXTURED LOOK - see the leather and suede belts? Both would look great, cinching the waist, with a slouchy, cozy winter sweater. Of course, our favorite piece is the very affordable 4 STRAND PEARL BRACELET WITH A BOW, that can be worn with every outfit, and it's only $19 !!!

There were 2, 360 entries and I would not like to have been the judge, because everyone's collections were so cute; could be because we can't get enough Fall Fashion. 

Loved 1st Place's choice of the GUCCI VANITY FLORAL PRINT SCARF, $420...

Scarves (as well as dark floral prints) are this season's wardrobe staple well as an ALEXANDER MCQUEEN GOLD-TONE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL 
BRACELET, $785 - so gorgeous!!!

Loved every part of "Autumn is coming" who scored 2nd Place; highlight - 

Autumn is Coming


Though we did not win the contest, our focus piece - the VALENTINO SCARF - was part of 3rd Place's collection!!! Instead of grays, browns, and golds, they paired the rich burgundy color with a yellow-lime-green bag and matching 3-tone pumps, of eggplant, watermelon pink, and the same yellow-lime-green color - so fabulous!!!

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