Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom as a Style Icon

For most girls, Mom is your first style icon. We look up to her - and all of her glamor and style - playing dress up with her clothes and accessories - and often carrying these acquired tastes into adulthood with us. Anything passed down to us from her - whether it be a gift or a simple hand-me-down - feels as though her warm touch embraces you when you wear what she once wore. Personally, I am filled with courage and strength whenever I wear any of Mom's "old thangs"- hearing all of her wise words of advice when I look down at my bracelet, or tug on my necklace - that perhaps she once tugged on in trying times. Style isn't always about sporting the hottest brand names or "what's in now," but can mean so much more - history, memories, hopes, and dreams often lie behind your most everyday outfits.  
Madonna with daughter, Lourdes - what a beautiful pair of ladies!

We at CocoVee hope that all of the moms and ladies of the world had a stylish Mother's Day this year!

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