Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pearls are First Choice for the First Lady

Ms. Michelle Obama loves to wear her pearls - check out some of my favorite looks that our First Lady put together - who needs witty political repartee with show-stopping pearls like those?
A classic, white pearl necklace pops against her purple-toned shirt.
Michelle looks ravishing, here, proving that black and white never go out of style!
Michelle's triple-strand chocolate and champagne pearls look just as good as they sound - and look at those matching champagne pearl studs - what a woman!!!
I guess Barack loves Michelle's pearls, too!!!
This necklace looks like the same one she has on in the first picture (above) - and there's nothing wrong with that - a good piece of jewelry is versatile!
Love that Michelle chose to wear pearls for her Christmas card photo. This double-strand pearl necklace has a flower clasp - that is meant to be worn off center, like she has - and, of course, she wore her classic white pearl studs, to match!
Our First Lady has a tough job - but she sure looks good doing it!

Thanks, Michelle!

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