Friday, April 27, 2012

Pearls on Magazine Covers

This month, Scarlett Johansson graces the cover of American Vogue - wearing pearl earrings! It's not the first time pearls are on the cover of a magazine - it's been happening since the dawn of mass print publications!  

Pearls galore almost 100 years ago - this is Elsie Ferguson in 1917!
LIFE - "Pearls: this is their big year" - 1949!
Mia Farrow looks good in her pearls for "Gatsby" - on the cover of PEOPLE in 1974!
This is Australia's Harper's Bazaar, February 2008, with the lovely Nicole Kidman wearing a long strand of pearls with a lingerie-influenced dress!
And of course - this month's American Vogue, with Scarlett and her pearl earring!
In woman's fashion - there are few items that can be so timeless as the pearl necklace or earrings - I'm sure we will see many more on the covers of our favorite magazines!

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