Sunday, March 17, 2013

Karen Hill Tribe Silver of Thailand

CocoVee is proud of our Beach Silver Collection, made using Karen Hill Tribe Silver and precious freshwater pearls, designed all by Bobbi Whitmore – the Ms.CocoVee.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver is made by the Karen Hill Tribes of Thailand, who live in villages tucked away on remote mountainsides. Besides farming various crops, the Karen people handcraft finely woven garments and silver pieces that are 95-99% pure silver. Since they use a higher-content silver (than sterling – 92.5%) - the pieces are “softer” and easier to shape into intricate designs – often nature-themed. Oxidation (that leaves black coloring in the grooves), hammer marks, and slight design variations give Karen Hill Tribe Silver a distinct look; no two designs are exactly alike.

 The lovely Miss Jean (above) models our long, chocolate-brown Baroque Pearl necklace with a Silver Shell - worn off-center - over an Indian tunic. Here's another way to wear the same design - with skinny jeans, a long-sleeved top, and brightly-colored accessories...


Since Bobbi chose silver seashell and flower pieces to accent different types of pearls, the Beach Silver Collection has an earthy, one of a kind feel – which is fitting, because each piece is unique – just like a seashell or a flower that you would find in it's natural element.  

 This is a multi-strand, knotted pearl necklace with a gorgeous flower center; $195. Many of the pieces from the Collection have already been claimed by some lucky ladies, but we still have a handful of gorgeous, one of a kind designs for you to choose from. 
a pastel blend of pearls with an eye-catching silver-wired charm, $75

If you are interested in CocoVee's Beach Silver Collection, made with Karen Hill Tribe Silver, simply visit us - 10 Stone Street, Cocoa Village - or call our shop, at 321-632-5444. 

a delicate crystal bead and silver shell design, $85

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