Tuesday, March 26, 2013


has arrived, and CocoVee couldn't be more excited about these new versatile sandals. 

Here's how it works: pick your size, get your ribbon on...


and then choose your style and occasion - like Beach Day, 

a (need-to-make-an-entrance) formal affair...

a first date...

that could lead (maybe) to your Wedding !!!

And the best part? In the process of purchasing and wearing your Sseko Sandals - you directly contribute to bettering the lives of Ugandan women - by empowering & educating them through fashion. 

How cool is that? Can you say: Girl Power !!!

Want another idea for Sseko Sandals? That's no problem - since the options are limitless! 

You could wear your Sseko Sandals to the office by pairing them with light-toned skinny jeans and a blazer...

And why not top off the look with a powerful statement necklace?  

Like: the "Shades of Red" CocoVee contemporary design - modeled here by Savannah Paima, and photographed by Kaley Pitts, both of whom are young, aspiring artists, currently occupying Central Florida. (Girl Power !!!)

Did we mention that Sseko also makes handbags - that are just-too-stylish ???

Let me introduce you: to this lovely "Saddle: Caramel" clutch... 

now available at CocoVee !!!

So stop in, today - and make your Sseko look your own. 

Stay Sleek & Chic, Loves !!!

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